Play Your Best Game!

female soccer players outdoor
female soccer players outdoor


Your player is constantly changing and growing. What used to be easy can become hard overnight. Don't let your player struggle against their body. Let's help them play their best game.


College sport requires high level play and strength conditioning. The only problem is, at the collegiate level everyone is good. The only athlete that stands out is the one who is bigger, strong, and faster than everyone else. Don't let your player fall behind.


Your athlete deserves personalized attention not outdated programs, Instagram, or Youtube "trainers."




"Andrew did a great job with my daughter. She was having knee problems and her physical therapy wasn’t doing the trick. After working through them with Andrew, felt much better. Highly recommended"

Wes Baskerville, Soccer Dad

"Our daughter started training with Andrew because of her size and lack of speed and strength on the soccer field. Being on the smaller side, Emma had a more difficult time going up against bigger girls. We connected with Draft Day Athletics one morning during a soccer camp and learned about their personal approach to helping kids get stronger and faster no matter their size. As time went on Emma became stronger and faster on the field! Since then both her and my son have been able to continually work on their fitness years after working with Draft Day Athletics. Thanks so much Coach Andrew!"

Jennifer Haas, Soccer Mom

"Andrew does an outstanding job with the kids and significantly helped my son! As he was growing, he had trouble adjusting his body mechanics and movements to match what he was able to do previously. Andrew has a strong grasp of kinesiology and athletic movement, and is able to convey that knowledge to the kids in easy-to-understand terms. He also has a calm and encouraging demeanor that my resonated with my athlete. The workouts had a purpose and were challenging! Overall, I highly recommend Draft Day Athletics for all young and growing athletes! Andrew will help definitely help your child improve his or her speed, power, flexibility, and strength!"

Steve Alexander, Football Dad

"Andrew, or "coach Drew" as I've always known him, became my strength and conditioning coach while I was an high school athlete. Unlike other coaches, he didn't just give me my workouts, he showed me how and why we trained the way we did. My strength increased rapidly, but it wasn't until I became a college athlete and had the opportunity to compare where I was at with other athletes who have been training for years that I realized how well he had prepared me for the next level. He expected me to work hard and pushed me, but seeing how well it has paid off now shows me it was worth it."

Jared Simmons, Division 3 Football Player